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Types of Mosquitoes
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There are more than 3,500 types of mosquitoes that have been identified in areas around the world

Most mosquito types are readily identified in specific areas. The majority of mosquitoed aren’t anything but annoying but there are about 40 species that are known to be linked to Malaria. There are hundreds of types of mosquitoes that can carry the West Nile virus with them.

There are three main types of mosquitoes that seem to be very dominate in areas around the world. They are the Aedes Albopictus, the Culex Pipiens, and the Anopheles Quadrimaculatus. The Adedes Albopicutus mosquito is more commonly known by the name of Tiger Mosquito. It is commonly found in various parts of Asia and carries some very dangerous diseases with it. There are many Tiger Mosquito located in the United States due to the various imports from Asia. This type of mosquito is very large and even comes out to feed on people during the daytime.

The Culex Pipiens is the very small and common mosquito that most of us see in our homes and outdoors. They used to be considered quite harmless but in recent years there has been an outbreak of West Nile virus that is linked to them. These types of mosquitoes often are found in small groups and they come out after the sun goes down to feed.

The most dangerous type of mosquito is the Anopheles Quadrimaculatus. It is known to spread the very deadly disease Malaria. These are large sized mosquitoes and they tend to be out both early in the morning and after the sun goes down in order to feed. Only the females of this type of mosquitoes are known to carry the parasites within them that cause Malaria.

Researchers continue to monitor various types of mosquitoes. They want to know their life cycle and their feeding habits. They also want to find out what types of diseases they are linked to. They also continue to come up with effective ways to control the number or mosquitoes out there. You will find a general insecticide won’t work well on all types of mosquitoes. Many types are simply immune to some of the chemicals that do work well on other types.


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